Learning a New Thing(link)

I was at a technology conference recently and one of my favorite take aways from the day was ThingLink. This is a site that lets you make an image interactive. Students could use this to create an idea board, as a way to collect research, or even for a new way to present their own... Continue Reading →


Are We Giving Students What They Need or What We Want?

Recently the topic of student cell phones came up in a Facebook group that I participate in. The majority of teachers in the discussion were going to great lengths to stop their students from using, or even having, their cell phones. Some were creating these elaborate "phone jails" or other cute little places for students... Continue Reading →

Am I Secretly a Techie?

I have been stating for a while that I am not a techie. But I recently switched from a 1-1 school to a non 1-1 school. And I am quickly realizing just how much I did use tech in my teaching. Yes, I used a lot of student tools.... but I used a lot of... Continue Reading →

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