Science Literacy for Modern Students

When I look back at my own education, I had no intention of studying science (let alone teaching it). But what I always have loved is reading and writing. I can remember writing stories on my parents type writer, and I have no idea where they found the patience to read draft after draft after... Continue Reading →


Let Them Eat…. Bread!

I am a terrible baker- just ask my husband. But I know that if there is one surefire way to get my students to pay attention, it's food. So I decided to let my students do the baking for me... and teach them a little real-world biology along the way! I put these activities in... Continue Reading →

An Idea From My Students

As much time as we (teachers) spend looking for ideas, sometimes what we're looking for is right under our noses! Here's an example from my classroom.... We cover the environment at the very end of the year in my biology 1 (freshman) class. By this point in the school year, they are DONE with taking... Continue Reading →

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