Making Learning Visual

For those of us that are teaching science using the NGSS, we know the importance of students creating and using models. I've recently been using them in place of (or at least in addition to) taking notes. We all have those kids who are just crazy artistically talented. But even those who aren't can get... Continue Reading →


My Favorite Use of Wikipedia

Do your students just love Wikipedia? Do they love competitions? Do you want to see how much they know about a topic before you start and are sick of pre-tests? Are you looking for opportunities to further challenge your students that finish their work early or who are ready to move on while others in... Continue Reading →

School Appropriate Vandalism

Smart boards and white boards and whiteboard paint, oh my! I don’t have any of those things. I (and I’m assuming a lot of other teachers reading this) still have a chalkboard in my room. It’s green and it’s dusty and it makes horrible noises if you move the chalk in just the wrong way.... Continue Reading →

Biology Bell Ringers

Just a quick post today while my little one naps! I have my students (in all my classes) keep biology journals. Originally, this was part of their notebook. But I found it SO time consuming to sit and go through 130 notebooks. And since there is no way I am bringing them home, I had... Continue Reading →

Making Biology Real

Long time no see, blog world! This school year got very busy, very fast! But no worries- it's summer break and I'm back to share my ideas and resources with the word! Today, I have a whole pile of articles. I've collected these over the last few years, mostly from the New York Times science... Continue Reading →

Metric Mondays

Last year, my school started giving local assessments. For those of you who don't have to do this yet, here's how it works. Each core department (science, math, English, and social studies) had to create a test that covers the content that our students should have by the end if their senior year. Then every student in... Continue Reading →

Senior Projects

My biology 2 class is a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  We study human anatomy & physiology 2nd semester and their final exam grade is broken into a project (75%) and the actual in class test (25%). But when final exams come around in the spring, my seniors are not there (they graduate a week... Continue Reading →


And so begins my journey into the world of blogging.... I will be the first to admit I am in no way tech savvy. I can check my email, Facebook, and pintrest. You know, the essentials! So why start a blog? I  am about the start my 5th year as a high school biology teacher.... Continue Reading →

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