Learning a New Thing(link)

I was at a technology conference recently and one of my favorite take aways from the day was ThingLink. This is a site that lets you make an image interactive. Students could use this to create an idea board, as a way to collect research, or even for a new way to present their own... Continue Reading →


The TED Talk That We Should All See

I like to listen to TED talks while I make & eat breakfast (it's summer...). It's one of the only times of day that my littles are quietly occupied and I can actually hear myself think. This morning, I saw "My Son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story."  pop up on my feed. I... Continue Reading →

Am I Secretly a Techie?

I have been stating for a while that I am not a techie. But I recently switched from a 1-1 school to a non 1-1 school. And I am quickly realizing just how much I did use tech in my teaching. Yes, I used a lot of student tools.... but I used a lot of... Continue Reading →

Teachers Travel, Too!

This summer seems to be flying by... even faster than most! I've been fortunate enough to travel a lot and visit places I've never seen before. But the highlight happened at a professional development last week. That's right, a SUMMER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. I spent five days at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in... Continue Reading →

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