Am I Secretly a Techie?

I have been stating for a while that I am not a techie. But I recently switched from a 1-1 school to a non 1-1 school. And I am quickly realizing just how much I did use tech in my teaching. Yes, I used a lot of student tools…. but I used a lot of things for myself too! And the other thing that I’m finding is that there are a lot of other teachers out there who are also not techies. So I now feel like I have some responsibility to share my knowledge that I didn’t know I had…

First up: how to make a playlist on YouTube! I know that a lot of you (and probably most of our students) already know how to do this, but I just figured this out and am assuming there are a lot of teachers not utilizing these playlists yet. They are really simple to make/share and honestly come in so handy! I use them for class videos…. but I use them much more often for music. I have some playlists that are school appropriate, some I use to get me through binge grading, and others for my (biological) kids to rock out to when we get home.

Before we get to instructions…. if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, a YouTube playlist is a list of videos that you want to save altogether. I used to download all my YouTube videos so that I had them. I could store all the files according to unit and that was a huge, time consuming, space consuming pain in the butt. So instead, you can create a playlist for each unit and YouTube stores them for you. Added bonus- you can copy the link and share it with whoever you want (students, friends, other teachers on my Facebook page….).

OK, How To Make a YouTube Playlist

1. Go to YouTube. You have to sign in (if you have any Google account, like gmail, you’re good). If you’re not already signed in, you will see “SIGN IN” in red letters in the upper right corner.

youtube 1

2. Go to whatever YouTube video that you want to save. Under the video, almost dead center on the page, you will see three little lines with a + sign (in the red box on the pic below). Click that and the list pops up. If you haven’t already made playlists you will have to click “Create New Playlist”.

youtube 2

3. Type in whatever you want to name your playlist. Then choose your privacy setting. If this is a list you intend to share with people, whether students or friends, go with Public or Unlisted. I usually use unlisted, then I can post a link to the playlists for my students on our class site. Then click CREATE and there it is! 

youtube 3

4. That new list should now be in your list. Check the box and that specific video is in your playlist. You do have to click somewhere else on the page or that annoying box will stay there… Repeat this process anytime you have a video you want to save.

youtube 4

5. How do you find your playlists later? Go to YouTube and sign in. On the left side you will see your “Library” and under that should be all your playlists. Click the one you want to watch/listen to.

youtube 5

6. From here, you can see all the videos in the playlist you chose. You can click on specific videos if you know which one you want. If you click on the little “X arrows” under the title, it will play the videos in a random order (I use this for my music playlists).  This is also where you can share your playlist from. Just copy the URL on this page and paste it into whatever you want. I use this on my class websites instead of posting links to individual videos.

youtube 6

I hope this was helpful. If you’re looking for a list of my favorite biology YouTube videos, this should keep you occupied…. There is so much that YouTube can do, I know I am just scratching the surface. If you have other tricks or tips, please share them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by! =)


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