Teachers Deserve Deliciousness

I know I usually write about teaching. But do you guys know what else I love? I really love food. I do not skip meals. But I do eat breakfast in my car on the way to school. When I first started teaching, I would buy a bunch of frozen breakfasts and lunches. I gave... Continue Reading →


The Tallest Tower Wins

Second semester is here again! I really love to use that first day back to get the kids up, moving, and being creative. But I know they need to ease back into school... no heavy content just yet. My go to used to be the Ultimate Bubble Blowing Champion. But I recently switched schools. So... Continue Reading →

Am I Secretly a Techie?

I have been stating for a while that I am not a techie. But I recently switched from a 1-1 school to a non 1-1 school. And I am quickly realizing just how much I did use tech in my teaching. Yes, I used a lot of student tools.... but I used a lot of... Continue Reading →

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