Creature Classification


My freshmen are doing a quick unit on classification. We cover a little history, basics of the 6 kingdoms, and dichotomous keys. It basically sets up the rest of the quarter, which covers the kingdoms in much greater detail. I’m always looking for new activities for this unit since I’m not totally in love with what I use. This year I used this new one, and liked it enough to share with you!

I found this activity in a workbook from a different textbook than we use (I have lots of random workbooks in my closet). I used the pictures of the creatures and then adapted the instructions and questions to work for us. They worked in groups of two. Each group was given pictures of thirteen creatures that they “discovered”. They have to group them, name each group (using the Greek/Latin word parts… which gives them more exposure to the word roots!), and then give each creature a two-part scientific name using the group name (representing their Genus and Species).  It also gave them practice with properly writing a scientific name (grammatically).

Here’s a PDF of what I gave the students:  Creature Classification

Some were much more creative than others. One thing that gave them a giggle was that I named the island these creatures were discovered on after myself (Mikosalous). I suggest you do the same. Do you have an activity you love for the classification unit? Tell me in the comments!

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