Trying a New Reading Technique

I bring lots of real world examples of science into my classes. We use them in lots of different activities. One thing that always bothers me is when I give them questions to answer, they just skim through to find the answers instead of actually reading. I also found that they have trouble listening (which I’m sure is shocking).
So here’s my solution: collaborative reading. I took an article, a pretty long one actually, and divided it into sections. I had a gold version and a purple version. The students worked in pairs and took turns reading their sections. Each student also had a different set of questions. So when the student with the purple parts was reading, the partner (with the gold half) had to LISTEN for the answers to their questions. I kept a close eye to make sure they weren’t just reading their partner’s half (the color coding was VERY helpful here).
This was totally different from what they were used to and some students were resistant at first (“why can’t I just read the whole thing myself?”). But I think it’s worth the struggle and time it took to plan it out. I definitely plan to use it again.

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