Techie Tools for Teachers

Last month I was fortunate enough to attend the Illinois Science Education Conference. It is always one of the highlights of my year (seriously)! I have so much good stuff to share with you, but haven’t had time to get to it just yet…. here’s a start.

   One of the sessions I attended was on useful tech tools for teachers. This was presented by a technology director for a much bigger school district than I work in. These are all just general teaching sites, not specific to science. (I will add those in later.) I have no experience with most of these sites, but they sound great! If any of you have info, let me know!  Creates one screen with buttons for all your links. Can be shared with your students.  Creates free QR codes  Put in a web address and it creates a shorter link to it. Would be useful if you’re giving it to the kids, less likely they’ll type it wrong.   For webquests or assignments when you are giving them multiple links, this combines them all in one link.   Put in a YouTube link and you can cut just the part you want.    Plays YouTube videos without all the ads and comments and other (possibly school inappropriate) stuff around it.   Combines multiple urls into one link. Similar to multiurl, but is one allows you to include videos, Jpgs, and documents and   Step by step instructions (with pictures)on how to do/make just about anything. Instructables allows you to download them as a PDF. Videos and pictures of lots of demonstrations, mostly science but also some math…  Free teacher created worksheets for tons of videos.

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