New Things for a New School Year

Holy short summer! I’m sure you all know the feeling. So back to school we go. This is my 5th year teaching, and I needed some changes. So here are some new things going on in my room. Lots of ideas came from pinterest (my holy grail). IMG_1427I love putting up posters that my students have made. I laminate them so they don’t fall apart. The one above was from the classification unit. I hang most of them on the back wall of my room, but used this one to cover some “colorful” language that is carved into a lab cabinet. I cut a slit in it to fit the door handle in. Adios dirty words!


More student posters… but another new idea this year. I hung some dish towels above my sink for students to dry their hands when they WASH them instead of using sanitizer (my kids are sanitizer addicts).

That pink box also contains some new ideas as far as paper work is concerned. Each class has a folder in there and anytime a student is absent, the work they missed in in there waiting for them. But this year, I gave each student a partner to be responsible for. So when the partner is absent, they fill out an absent slip (where they describe what we did in class and what the homework is) and put the work in the box. One less thing for me to do and one more way to make the students responsible for what goes on in the classroom.  Here’s my doc:absent work

Also in that box are the “pink slips”. If I am collecting homework and a student does not have the assignment, they have to walk themselves over to the box and fill out the pink slip. It includes name, date, assignment, and why they didn’t turn it in. If they turn the assignment in late, I document that on the pink slip. It is a great way to track why students are not turning in work (instead of just what I think) when parent teacher conferences come around. This also makes it easy to do a quick check in my grade book on the computer for who did not turn in the work. I just pull the pink slips out of the pile of turned in work and mark them in the computer as missing. Here’s the doc: I Did Not Do My HW Because

Hope that is helpful to someone! What are you changing this year?

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