And so begins my journey into the world of blogging…. I will be the first to admit I am in no way tech savvy. I can check my email, Facebook, and pintrest. You know, the essentials!

So why start a blog? I  am about the start my 5th year as a high school biology teacher. In the past 5 years (6 if you count my student teaching!), I have collected a lot of worksheets, activities, labs, quizzes, and on and on. Almost all of them came from the internet. And it dawned on me that I cannot be the only one doing this; endless Google searches for “Mitosis activity”.

So I am going to put my work all in one place with the hopes that it might help someone else. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that collaboration is so important to being an effective teacher. I might be the only one in my classroom, but I am by no means alone! There is no sense in trying to come up with everything from scratch. It’s a waste of time. Everything you need is out there in one form or another. I’m not saying just take other people’s work verbatim, but it’s a great building block! We all have different students, needs, and restrictions. Make it work for you!

So each post I will focus on a different lesson or topic. I will post anything I can that goes along with it… maybe even a picture or two of my kids in action! If you have suggestions or other ideas, by all means share them!


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