A Back to School Sale!

Super short post today..... it's back to school time and we are all HELLA busy. (I'm to the point of saying "hella" guys, send help) But doing a little clothes shopping is always part of my back to school plan.... I'm a retail therapy participant, no shame.  So when my local LulaRoe rep put on... Continue Reading →

Introducing… Teach Pair Share!

Last year I started an online teacher research group called Teach Pair Share. I am now getting ready to roll out the second year! Last year was a trial run and their feedback really drove how the group works now. Here's the gist: What is Teach Pair Share? Teach Pair Share is a year long, research... Continue Reading →

How a Cardboard Box Changed My Classroom

Cell phones in the classroom... friend or foe? I wrote about this before (check it out here). I still consider myself a phone friendly teacher. They're not going anywhere and students have to learn to use them appropriately. My go to has been having a charging station in an out of the way spots so kids... Continue Reading →

Grapes & Guilt & Compassion

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hearing  Dr. Jelena Radovic-Fanta discuss her research. She has been studying the women working in the Chilean grape industry. What struck me the most was when she described how motherhood was used as a way to guilt these women into working well beyond the end of... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Love to Teach

I've said it before. Here it comes again- I love good PD. And some of the best experiences I've had have been between conference sessions, standing in the hall having a  conversation about teaching . All of the beautiful moments and ugly problems, talking through them can be so inspiring.  So I did a thing... I... Continue Reading →

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I took some convincing to jump on the podcast-listener train.... but now I'm hooked. It probably helps that I have a 35 minute commute and lose the Chicago radio stations a few minutes in. Luckily there are so many good podcasts to choose from! There are tons of podcasting apps out there, but I just... Continue Reading →

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