Triage Teaching

Life in 2020 has been called a dumpster fire more than a few times. I am calling teaching in 2020 a high rise apartment fire. Here's why: Prior to "the fire" the building was working pretty well. It wasn't perfect. There might've been a light bulb out here and there. Sometimes the elevators were down... Continue Reading →

Help Students Help Themselves… And Each Other Through Mission Statements

Teachers always start a new school year with aspirations for their students. We have new activities we want to try out, new standards we want to cover, and old successes we want to repeat. But have you ever let your students steer their own journey? As tempting (or maybe terrifying?) as "tell me what you... Continue Reading →

Do You Hear What I Hear? (part 2)

"I was listening to a podcast that talked about...." is now a daily part of my life. And with being home more (summer + a pandemic), I have found some great new shows! I wrote about lots of my favorites already here, but just wanted to do a quick update with some new shows/shows I'm... Continue Reading →

Learn From The Point

2020... the year that is out of control. We are faced with what seems like an endless pile of decisions about how to keep our children and loved ones AND SELVES safe and healthy- physically and mentally. And what makes it so stressful is there doesn't seem to be any perfect answer. No matter what... Continue Reading →

Teachers Read Teachers

The world is in a crazy place right now... Covid- need I say more? But the good news is that there are so many awesome books written by teachers that have been published recently! And while some of us have plenty of time to curl up with a good book, I know that isn't true for... Continue Reading →

Make Science Funny Again

Do you remember doing Mad Libs as a kid (or possibly as an adult...)? I remember laughing until I cried pretty much every time. I decided I needed that in my classroom. But it can't be all belly laughs and no learning (or so I'm told), so here's what I did: Find current events or information... Continue Reading →

The December Marathon

I've never run an actual marathon... but I have been in the classroom for 12 Decembers. I'm pretty sure it's the same thing. Right? Let's break it down .  Thanksgiving break/Training: You've put in the hours. You've planned and know the big day/month is coming. You're ready... or so you think. You're a damn fool. ... Continue Reading →

Ted Talks to the Rescue!

One of the challenges of teaching STEM classes is that students have trouble seeing themselves as future STEM professionals. I believe that stereotype of the "old white dude in a lab coat" is slowly going away, but what about engineers? Tech gurus? Economists? If you want students to want to learn, they have to see... Continue Reading →

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